Revolutionise - Hockey Qld/Aust Insurance

Please follow the below instructions for completing your registration and insurance payment for Hockey Qld/Australia through the relevant links.

Please note, this insurance MUST be paid before you can start training (if you are new this year) or before you take the field for a game (if you were a fully paid member in 2020).

If you are playing in both competitions OR you are a volunteer in one and a player in the other, you will need to register yourself in both, please select which one is your primary team and register in that portal first. You should not be charged a second time for a secondary registration (as you are already in the system).

Gold Coast Hockey Assocation Competition Players

If you are playing OR are Volunteer or Official for our club in the Gold Coast Hockey Association Competition (which means you are in either Division 3 or 4 of the Women's Turf teams)  please go to and register (if you are new) or renew (if you have played in 2020). 

Please select the relevant age and participation category. If you are a volunteer or coach, there is no charge. 

Redlands Hockey Association Comp

If you or your child/ren are playing, volunteering or are an offical (coach or team manager) in the Redlands Hockey Association Competition (Under 7, Under 10, J2, J1 or Women's Grass, Men's Grass Teams) then please complete your registration and payment of Hockey Qld/Australia Insurance through the Redlands Revolutionise Portal.

If you are new - please click on register. If you played in 2020, please click renew.